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There is a vast amount of screen content online – but very few Australian producers are benefiting from any of it, as the conference heard.

Here are a couple of session snapshots from the conference:


Simon Britton of MediaWave chaired this session with speakers Stuart Cunningham QUT), Andrew L. Urban, Ricky Sutton (Fairfax Digital) and Tim Parsons (Quickflix). 
Simon launched the session with some observation about the promise and reality of Australian content online. His one-day survey of iTunes showed that out of 1,556 titles on iTunes Australia, there were 15 Australian titles. 

They were: 
Animal Kingdom, Australia, Ned Kelly (Gregor Jordan), Bootmen, The Road Warrior – (Mad Max 2),Babe, Beneath Hill 60, Wolf Creek, The Jammed, Black Water, Charlie & Boots, Bra Boys, Mao’s Last Dancer, Bran Nue Dae, Garage Days. 
Clearly there is no effort going into a curated catalogue. 

Ricky Sutton (Fairfax Digital) 
Ricky gave an upbeat overview of the newly-launched Fairfax Web TV portals (including TheAge.tv). His straightforward invitation to Australian content creators from a non-aligned media organisation with fantastic audience reach is most welcome. 

Tim Parsons (Quickflix) 
Tim pitched the new-look Quickflix. They plan to migrate their existing mail-order DVD customers to online delivery in the near future. Quickflix has an existing catalogue of around 2,500 Australian titles (film, tv eps, etc) that can potentially be made available online. 

What this session really highlighted was the lack of an industry-wide action plan to get more Australian content online and make it accessible. 

Here are a few points from Simon to kick off the discussion (in no particular order). 

Should there be: 
More support for web-only content for funding agencies?. 
Subsidy paid to producers/distributors/aggregators for getting Australian content online? 
Subsidy for the cost of transcoding independent content? 
Funding for the establishment of a trusted source of information about online rights and clearances with checklists of terms and contract templates? 
A fund to help producers buy back their rights from inert distributors? 
A consumer subsidy system like the French Music Card? 
Content Regulation on IPTV? 
Marketing support for online content? 
A levy on ISPs with funds going into a Screenrights-like system? 
Support for producers to set up their own aggregators with effective search optimisation ?


Nick Abrahams (Norton Rose Lawyers)
Platform is King - content is now coming out on a non-exclusive basis, including product from movie studios. There will be pressure by platforms to have all rights to all platforms as windows collapse and proliferate.

Published November 22, 2010

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