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The young stars of the Australian family yarn, Selkie, are no ordinary teenagers, as ANDREW L. URBAN discovered in these brief interviews.

You can tell there's fire in her belly. Chelsea Bruland was just 16 when she made a movie deal with her dad: "I promised him 5% of my first million dollars if I made it within any two year period, if he would pay for a week's screen acting course at NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Art in Sydney)." Chelsea, living in the Adelaide Hills, did the course, and went on to co-star with Shimon Moore in the family adventure, Selkie, which opens this Easter around Australia.

"I absolutely loved it."

Now 17, her ambition is to become the youngest writer/director in Australia, and is this year busy making short films in preparation - and hoping to start working on a feature script. In Selkie, she plays Sam, a country girl "who is in some ways like me, but more naïve. Chelsea describes her first movie making experience as …well, "indescribable. . . I absolutely loved it."

Shimon Moore is also making his feature film debut, and also has ambitions: to have a multi-faceted arts career as a musician and actor - and as the guitarist/vocalist in The Sick Puppies, he's already on the way. Their first CD, Dog's Breakfast, was funded by the money he made from Selkie. Shimon lives with his musician father on the Central Coast of NSW, and there is some fatherly help on the CD, in the form of brass and strings on a couple of tracks.

"An enchanted human"

Shimon's godfather is actor max Phipps, who coached him for the auditions that landed him the lead role in Selkie, the story of a young boy who discovers he's a 'selkie' - an enchanted human who can turn into a seal in the water.

Well connected as he is, Shimon had to deliver once he got the role of Jamie, but he says it wasn't too hard: "Jamie is a kid lot like me…he's got a band, plays football and works in a pasta restaurant. The only thing that's different is that instead of playing football, I play guitar."

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