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Top Lottery-Themed Movies to Enjoy This Weekend

What do you think about when lottery jackpots soar to amazing heights? First, you rush to the nearest lottery agent and buy a ticket, of course! Then, you start making plans: a luxury trip around the world, bathing in champagne, a beachfront house, one or even several luxury cars... We all have fantasies about what we do when we hit the jackpot. These dreams keep coming back to us each time we see an advertisement, hear a story about someone who was lucky enough to win a huge prize or see a movie.

Here is an idea of spending a weekend evening! If you want to get into the dreamy mood, here are some suggestions of lottery-themed movies.

It Could Happen To You (1994)
You have certainly admired Nicolas Cage and Bridget Fonda in “It Could Happen to You”- it’s a classic! This humorous romantic story focuses on the dilemmas a simple guy has to face when winning the lottery. Should he share his newly found fortune with Yvonne, the cute waitress, as promised only a few hours before the lucky draw? What would you do instead of Charlie Lang? He decides to keep his promise and ends up falling in love with the waitress.

Waking Ned Devine (1998)
An English comedy filmed in a superb location – the Isle of Man, “Waking Ned Devine” tells the story of a complicated plot planned by an entire village to outwit lottery officials and the prize won by Ned Devine. The latter is, in fact, found lying dead on the floor of his house holding the winning ticket. While exploiting the theme of human greed and ruthlessness of society, the film is deliciously humorous.

Lottery Ticket (2010)
Imagine that! It’s July 14th in America and you realize that you’ve won $ 37 million, but all offices are closed. What can you do? That is the big question tormenting this movie’s young, Kevin Carson skillfully interpreted by famous singer Bow Wow. A superb American comedy, “Lottery Ticket” focuses on an always valid theme: the rush for money, an obsession that goes beyond friendship, feelings and sometimes even humanity. Have you made up your mind yet? No matter which of the three you pick, you will certainly have a great time. Taking the lottery win as a pretext, all these movies exploit the various sides of human nature such as greed, lie, hypocrisy, love, friendship and honor.

Published August 30, 2017

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