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5 Reasons Why Casino Tourism is Booming in Australia

Australia is filled with captivating landscapes, beautiful beaches and a vast number of wildlife. This makes for a wonderful tourist destination. Now you would think that Australia would be drawing most of their tourism wealth from such attractions but that is not the case at all. The top tourist attraction is their casinos. The casino business is booming here and tourists from all around the world flock Australia to try their luck. So why is casino tourism so popular here? Here are 5 reasons to explain this.

Taxes are Already Paid

Thatís right, in Australia you do not have to pay tax out of the winnings you make because the casino has you covered. That means you keep all the winnings you make. According to the Australia tax laws, gambling is not considered as a profession and for that reason it cannot be taxed as such. It is viewed as something of fortune or luck and hence you are allowed to keep all of what you make. That is quite a good argument. However, the casino operators have to bear the burden of taxation as the casino is their business.

It Boosts the Australian Economy

If you didnít know, about 10% of the revenue collected by the Australian government comes from gambling. That shows gambling is a major contributor to the economy of Australia. Of course the government wouldnít run out of money if it was to limit the activities but why would they do that? .It is quite a lot of money. As a government that earns such an amount from casino tourism and other gambling activities it would be unwise not to realize it as a potential source of wealth for the country. That is why casinos are widely increasing in Australia. The government also charges license fees to all casinos that posses pokies within their building. That shows just how much the government is able to make out of casino tourism as almost all casinos have pokies. Players could opt to play their favorite pokies games online (for example online Blackjack) but it would not be as fun and that is why many casinos have the machines.

Casinos in Australia are Multifunctional

Many of the casinos in Australia are equipped with bars, hotels, nightclubs, spas, entertainment places and accommodations so one way or another, a tourist is likely to be drawn to the casinos. These hotels usually host a large number of tourists. One of the most popular casinos in Australia going by the name Crown Casino Melbourne brings in a stunning 10.9 million visitors each year. This casino is not only popular but also one of the biggest in the world. That means it can act as a tourist attraction on its own and that is why it is usually filled with tourist gamblers from all over the world. Others include the Gold Coastís Jupiter casino and the Star casino, each drawing up to 9 million visitors yearly. All these casinos are huge and have wonderful restaurants and hotels.

The Casinos are Strategically Located

Location is everything if you want to draw in tourists and casinos in Australia know this. Some of these casinos are located near popular tourist destinations. They are situated in popular cities commonly visited by tourists and near beaches and other attractions. The Crown Perth casino for example is situated on the Swan river banks providing you with a good view of the river while the Sky City Darwin is located on Mindil beach allowing you to enjoy the beach. Such locations are bound to draw tourists into the casinos.

Gambling is Part of Australiaís Culture

When visiting any place, you usually want to learn a bit of their culture before you live. In Australia gambling is something that has been going on for decades. It was there during the colonial era and it is still going on. Many people in Australia actually love to gamble in casinos themselves so it is a feature of the Australian people and something tourists would love to learn or participate in. Tourists coming to Australia have probably heard of the Australian love for gambling and many being gamblers themselves feel comfortable and at home while playing in such a place.


The above are some of the reasons why casino tourism is booming in Australia. For the most part, we have focused on how the Australians themselves have been able to grow the casino industry into a tourist attraction in its own right.

Published March 25, 2019

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