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IT: Chapter Two Review

Stephen King is truly one of the best graphic horror novelists to ever have been. When the novel IT was published on the 15 September 1986 and anyone who read the book probably didnít think that a movie would be able to redeliver the same terror and fear as the book. But what may have started with doubt was soon to be adjusted when the movie IT was released on the 18th of November 1990.

The sheer horror became a reality when a clown would pass you in the streets. Rather than enjoy a childhood adventure, adults were succumbing to their fears and avoiding the magic of the circus eventually letting on, that kids too became weary of the red nosed clowns.

Before Stephen King, adults would enjoy other past times such as barbeques, a great selection of casino games or fishing. Then IT was released and adults began a new hobby, reading the books and awaiting the movie release.

The remake of IT was released in 2017 and while some didnít think it was as scary as the first one, the graphics were great and the characters pulled off the movie fantastically. But nothing has prepared us for the second release of it. This isnít another one of Stephen Kingís novels which had us initially worried, but upon watching the chilling preview, itís safe to say we can imagine Chapter Two as one of the scariest horrors of 2019. The cast includes; Jessica Chastain from Mollyís Game, James McAvoy most famous for his roles in Split, Wanted and Glass, Jay Ryan from the TV show Beauty and the Beast and several other actors with strong acting careers behind their names. Although we donít want to give away all the scares, we can tell you this, the movie has been expertly created that even Stephen King himself remarked on how it terrified him to his core.

Pennywise returns with the same horror feel with the exception of being more disturbing than ever. This is said to be the horror of the year and we have to give it to the creators of this release, they have thrown in some pretty scary scenes that leaves one feeling disturbed even hours of the film has ended.

IT Chapter Two has been rumoured to be one of the bloodiest and scary of movies to have ever been released. And while the action fills the screen, the movie writers have managed to expertly link the second film to the first which only strengthens the storyline. Not often are there horror movies released with such great storylines, but Chapter Two is an exception.

There is a catch to the title however, there will not be a third to be released at least nowhere soon according to the movie makers. This isnít to say there may never be another release, but for now fans will have to make do with enjoy everything IT Chapter Two has to offer. Keep your eye out for the release this year and be sure the kids are asleep!

Published August 17, 2019

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