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 The World of Film in Australia - on the Internet Updated Tuesday September 15, 2020 

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What Positive Impacts Are Online Review Platforms Having on the Film Industry?

Throughout modern-day society, online review platforms have developed something of a negative stigma within the global film industry. However, because of that, their positive impacts on the market are often quickly forgotten and overlooked. So, letís take a look at how film review sites are positively influencing the film industry.

Heightened Consumer Accessibility and Keeping Wider Audiences Interested
Following the rise of digitisation, online review platforms have significantly altered the way audiences receive film-related feedback. They can play a significant role in influencing consumer interests through either generating positive or negative reviews of the latest movie releases.

Even though reviews may have little impact on some moviegoers, itís telling that the number of digital review platforms continue to rise. Fundamentally, one of the more innovative ways that review sites have sought to summarise the quality of a new release is through the implementation of scoring systems. This type of rating approach has many benefits, including offering film lovers a quick and easy method of determining the quality of a film. Moreover, this more stripped-back style of reviewing can significantly lessen the impact of negative reviews.

For example, platforms such as Rotten Tomato perfectly demonstrate how review platforms have changed the film industry. Although some films may score less positively than others on their rating system, sites such as these are vital to the future of the film industry as they act to keep the conversation about cinema going.

Review Sites Are Proving Effective Away from the Film Industry
More generally speaking, review sites are having an impact on numerous different industries, not just film. Statistics show that 84 percent of people trust what they read at online review platforms as much as they do personal recommendations. While cinema has long been on the end of critique from filmgoers, the fundamentals behind their style of content have found success in more diverse sectors, such as iGaming and travel.

In recent years, the online casino industry has reached new, unprecedented heights with its convenient digital route to games such as baccarat, blackjack, poker, and many more. Due to the sheer volume of operators that are now available, platforms like BetPal showcase different iGaming sites, including Cashmio, an online casino NZ which offers 20 free spins to their new users. Like the film industry, BetPal operates with a scored rating system in which it takes into consideration factors such as bonuses, games, and security.

Furthermore, the travel market has also seen a surge in online review platforms over the last few years. Similarly to film review sites, consumers are the main priority for companies like TripAdvisor, who seek to conveniently provide web users with informative written content regarding the best places to go, who to fly with, and where to eat.

Despite Backlash, Film Review Sites are Often Misunderstood
Ultimately, film review sites were established to provide cinema audiences with unbiased feedback on the latest movie releases. As demonstrated above, they have been able to achieve that in recent times. The added convenience that they have brought to the industry from a consumer standpoint, along with developing a platform that keeps the worldwide discussion going surrounding global cinema, mustn't be underestimated.

Published April 7, 2020

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