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Thomas Cross (Edward Furlong) is a computer professional addicted to the hi-tech computer lifestyle and to internet web cam sites. One night Thomas witnesses a murder via one of these sites, and soon comes under suspicion from the police, in particular internet cop, Claire Bligh (Emilia Fox). Soon cleared of any wrong doing, Thomas teams up with Claire and another computer specialist Mark Hayward (Chiwetel Ejiofor) to track down who is responsible for the seemingly random murder. But in the cyber world, nothing is as it seems.

Review by Craig Miller:
If this idea seems a little unoriginal to you, just another attempt at the flailing hi-tech genre, or even just a pile of rubbish, you would be absolutely right on all counts. There is virtually nothing redeeming about this film whatsoever, and if it were not for Furlong’s name (certainly not his performance), this would have been a straight to TV effort. Video stores be damned! Everything about this film is wrong. The pacing, which is pretty fast from the get-go, fairly motors along, leaving virtually no time for character and story set-up, and leaves you wondering if you dozed off for half an hour.

As you feel you’ve missed large chunks of character development etc, you just don’t care what happens from then on. Especially to them! The performances leave you in a state of perpetual wonderment, as the decision to cast Furlong and Fox in the two lead roles seems as sensible as choosing random names from a hat. Both are terribly miscast, and if it wasn’t for the serviceable efforts of Chiwetel Ejiofor holding together his scenes with both performers, the completed film would be even more of a disaster. If that’s at all possible!

If you do manage to sit through all 80 plus minutes to the eventual climax, you will be horrified at the story’s resolution (or lack there of) which is nothing more than a cop out, the filmmakers more interested in trying to be clever than in giving its audience any real gratification, no matter how minute. If of course you feel drawn to “B”, or more accurately, “C” grade cinema, by all means check this out, you won’t be disappointed. Well you will, but you know what I mean! 

As for the extras, the typical collection of talent profiles, trailers etc continues the B grade theme, and will really only interest those with a desire to punish themselves even further.

Published October 23, 2003

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(France/UK, 2003)

CAST: Edward Furlong, Emilia Fox, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Ben Miles

DIRECTOR: Mathias Ledoux

SCRIPT: Mikael Ollivier

RUNNING TIME: 89 minutes

PRESENTATION: 4:3 Full Frame, Dolby Digital

SPECIAL FEATURES: Talent profiles, Behind the scenes footage, Interviews, Trailers.

DVD DISTRIBUTOR: MRA Entertainment group

DVD RELEASE: October 22, 2003

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