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Review by Brad Green:
Guess what? The filmís all about a girl winning a date with a movie stud, yup, the eponymous Tad Hamilton. Now, either because Tadís got a lot more going for him than Tom Cruise, or because our girlís mum doesnít do such a flash lamb roast, she actually takes up the prize. Big night, big fun, instant infatuation. So far so predictable. Except that itís him that falls for her, and while this might seem like her fantasy come true, the tenets of a formula flick demand that thereís an eminently marry-able, stolid, non-celebrity back in her hometown whoís also in love with her and is going to be mighty miffed if Tad ruins his chances.†

Now a film with such an original premise demands every bit as ambitious a soundtrack. You know, something that runs the full gamut of musical styles from A to B. (To misquote Dorothy Parker.) While itís true that you wonít find any revolutionary neo-fusion masterpieces here, the album is actually a lot better than I anticipated and a little different to what I assumed. For a pop collection itís extremely coherent, and seems to epitomise an emerging style: a return to catchy melodies, vocal harmonies and lotsa guitars, but with an edge to the tonality inherited from alt-rock. Itís no coincidence that the two tracks with significant electronic elements, by BT and Soul Kid #1 respectively, come over as the weakest.†

By and large, itís a likeable and consistent record, although nearly all the songs lack that extra something that demands repeated listening. I wouldnít mind hearing the whole thing again. And I wonít be disappointed if I never do. The one track thatís an exception could also be a guiding light for our heroine and her love life dilemma. Husband and wife team Wilshire contribute a song called Special that lives up to its name. If their marriage is as harmonious as their sounds, they must be one happy couple.

Published July 15, 2004

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TITLE: Win A Date With Tad Hamilton
ID: 399700 116830
ARTISTS: BT; Wilshire; Wheat; Soul Kid #1; Liz Phair; John Mayer; Five For Fighting; Jason Wade; Alice Peacock; The Thorns; Kyle Riabko; Bleu; Bonnie McKee; Kristian Leontiou; Frankie Jordan

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